Guidelines for Patients

1. TMD / TMJ Disorder is a common condition:

The TMD/TMJ Disorder is characterized by some of the following and it affects a wide variety of people. If you are experiencing such as severe headaches, biting or chewing discomfort, grinding teeth, a dull and aching pain in the face, a reduced ability to open or close the mouth, jaw pain of varying degrees, jaw joint noises like clicking or popping and grating sounds, jaw locking, very sensitive teeth, loose teeth and an intermittent ringing in the ears, please do the check list in below.

2. TMJ and Bite Disorder Check List

Do you experience pain in your face or in and around your ears, or headaches that your medical doctor can’t explain?

Do your ears feel muffled or clogged?

Do your jaw joints (TMJs), located in front of your ears, hurt when you chew and do they make clicking or crackling noises?

Do your facial muscles feel tired or stiff when you’re awake after a lot of speaking or when yawning?

Do you clench or grind your teeth together while sleeping or awake? Does your spouse tell you that you make loud noises with your teeth when you’re asleep?

Do you have headaches in the sides of your temples?

Are you able to open your mouth freely, smoothly and as wide as you are accustomed to doing?

Can you move your jaw from side to side with your mouth open?

Do you experience episodes when your jaw gets stuck open or closed?

Do you feel that your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together as they used to?

Is your bite comfortable? Is chewing tough foods uncomfortable or painful?

Do you experience pain in lots of your teeth that your dentist can’t explain?

Are your teeth chipping and are the front teeth worn flat on their edges?

3. Dr. Han can effectively treat TMD/TMJ and Bite related patients.

If you are experiencing any of above and want to know more about your condition please contact Dr.David S. Han DDS at VIP Dentistry, 4200 Chino Hills Pkwy. #355, Chino Hills, CA 91709.

You may also visit as well as TMJ Bite Stabilizer blog.



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