The TMJ Bite Stabilizer or TMJBS, Therapy, is a treatment to help patients with TMD symptoms (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or TMJ), severely worn dentitions (teeth), loose teeth and/or bone loss and/or recession due to occlusal(bite) trauma, prerequisite for full mouth reconstruction and much more. The TMJ Bite Stabilizer is a clear, removable, hard acrylic appliance that eliminates all occlusal prematurities and interferences to all eccentric movements. The technique was refined by Dr. David S. Han, Dr. Yiannis Vlahos, Dr. Sacha Dybnis and Dr. Paul Williams. The TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy was formally known as FOSA Therapy or OSA Therapy.

With a track record of over 45 years, the TMJBS Therapy has consistently given positive and predictable results to optimal dental health. Patients love and appreciate the benefits of TMJ Bite Stabilizer and refer their friends and family to doctors who can properly diagnose, prescribe, deliver and monitor TMJBS.

The TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy can benefit patients in following manners:

1. TMJBS can help patients with extremely sensitive dentitions to cold and biting, severely worn teeth, loose teeth and /or bone loss and/or recession due to occlusal trauma,

2. It can effectively bring symptomatic relief to TMD symptoms like reduced ability to openĀ  or close the mouth, jaw pain of varying degrees, jaw joint noises like clicking, popping and grating sound, jaw locking and an intermittent ringing in the ears.

3. It can successfully reduce or eliminate severe headaches, biting or chewing discomfort, dull and aching pain tin the face caused by a bad bite or misalignment of teeth (Malocclusion).

4. It can be utilized as a diagnostic tool for restorative dentistry. It is used for stabilization of the condyles before embarking on a complex restorative treatment ( Full Mouth Reconstruction).

5. It effectively protects esthetic porcelain and resin restorations from the ravages of nocturnal Bruxing (Grinding) and Clenching.

Dr. David S. Han continuously modifies and refines the TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy, teaching dentists at FACE, Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education in Bujlingame, CA. He introduced the TMJBS Technique at the Table Clinic during the General Assembly of American Academy of Restorative Dentistry in Chicago, February 2008 and Annual Meeting of International Academy of Gnathology, Tucson, Arizona in 2009. He offers TMJBS Therapy course to doctors practicing General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics and Orthodontics in the world.

Dr. David S. Han, Dr. Yiannis Vlahos and Dr. Paul Williams are convinced that TMJ Bite Stabilizer will greatly benefit both dentists and their patients. They thank Dr. Thomas Basta and Dr. Gerald Preiner for their devotion of promoting Excellence in Dentistry at FACE.